Yet another day passes and I churn out a few digi's. I adore photo reference and what better site to surf but a photography site, PBase.com. Fantastic images every refresh. :] I hope to someday contribute to their site as much as they have considerably inspired me.

On the topic of inspiration, inspiration from the streaming videos of Revelations' (Conceptart.org Seattle workshop) has given me hope for the future and excited me more than a schoolgirl with her girlfriends on a Saturday night. So exciting, in fact, that I've set my mind to start goals in my life to achieve. First one is to jump from an air plane over New Zealand while sketching a monster. I think I can attain this goal once I get some sort of wings.

Keep at whatever you are doing and don't stop, no matter what. Change is good, but do what you love.

Be blessed.


Jason Plett said...

Top notch stuff Matt. Not enough harsh language for me though.

Matt Berger said...

Thanks, Jason. Harsh language, from me? Ew. :] Thanks for stopping by.