Today I just wanted to inform you artists about [ws]'s Color Scheme Generator, version 2. This thing is awesome if you are painting digital and have no knowledge (or little knowledge) of how colors can compliment each other.

The city of "Temans" sketch is inspired by the Ridley Scott's heavily detailed sketches. I cannot believe how much time it takes to detail everything out. I'm o.k. for an hour of tedious work, but after 2 hours my mind wanders into doing other things. I need to learn discipline in fine details.

An amazing inspiration that hit me today was that of improving artists. My friend Devine Platts (Texahol) has been improving ever since he did gray scale master studies. I have yet to finish one (without cheating) completely and he has already done several! Again the tedious details really make me go mad. The thought of working on a painting for two days, let alone a year is incomprehensible to me.

Viewing the world first hand in sunlight is impossible for me during the winter. Work gets out at 5pm, which is when the sun goes down. The only way for me to enjoy the sun during the day is to be out in it all during lunch. Nature is a strange thing. We are all like Superman's who recharge by the sun (nature), if we don't get it I believe something in our soul starts dying and we cannot coop with reality with a normality. I'll have to stop this discussion because I'll go on forever explaining things that work out in my mind, but won't be explained well in words. I suck at words.

I have been inspired today and hope you are too by the people/things around you. :}
Be blessed.


Jason Plett said...

Nice thought. I have to agree I don't think man is meant to spend his waking life in a small cubicle, trying to earn a buck. In a couple of blinks you'll find yourself old wondering what you missed out on. live well!

grumbleart said...

hey matt!
the sun is an oft forgotten memory sometimes in my life as well, as my sudio is in the bowels of an office building haha.
but really master studies are a great way to understand tone.eventually color. in fact i believe that color is just an addition, and a truly sturdy tonal rendering will hold up better than any flashy color or superificial gimmicks someone can add to a painting. the city sketch looks quite interesting, but may i recommend butting some more line weight around the few ships that are flying within the building view just to pop them out a bit??
take care!

Matt Berger said...

Jason: Ahh. No! Ha ha, at least I have web cams of the west coast. Thanks.

Timmy: I agree with the tonal statue in any piece makes it best. Indeed, I need line width, thank you for the critiques and stopping by, man. :)