Happy new year to all. It's 2008 and I cannot believe I am still alive after all the zombie fights, alien invasions, and trips to Mars and back. Thank you, Vinny, for being my new friend this year. Your kid will be named "Poop Spitters". :p

I love Ashley Wood's advice in his December 24, 2007 post saying, "... don't ever take or accept critique, just advice." Read how he explains this comment here.

I haven't been working on my LMS because I got stuck and once again (5th time). This time I changed the style, although the residing theme has stayed with the past 3 concepts. I hope I can finish it by January 11th, but drawing demons depresses me to no end. :[

After the LMS I plan to get "low brow" with some art and create some fantastical canvas paintings (my first ever) in a series. www.fecalface.com really influenced me to draw for the joy of it.

Still doing speedies and fliers and learning too much.

Be blessed.


Anonymous said...

stop lying to the readers
you did not fight zombies
when i tell you my lifetime story you should not act like it happend to you ;p

we should probaly thank lin for bringing us get together
but it's cool meeting someone
who is doing alot of nothing just like me in their time :d

and my kid will be named shampoo
*i need a girl first before i can have kids*
it sounds french

speak to ya later


texahol said...

you must be left handed, when you do studies, you set them up backwards from how I do it.

Matt Berger said...

vinny: ha ha. you are a liar! i have fought too many zombies to count. shampoo is a brilliant name. shampoo spitters. haha!

tex: you figured me out. i AM left handed. sweet, you're a lefty too?