Bah! Why do the Nintendo DS's have to be so darn cheap ($129.99 is the lowest price here). I don't want to buy one, but all my friends are doing it. And we all know how the old saying goes, "If your friend is doing it you should too." The thing with these DS's is that they have new user created programs which allow you to paint or animate.

Though once again my friend, Davi (from CA IRC chat), has awoken me to reality. Why would I need a Nintendo DS when I am practically in front of a PC 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. If I'm not on a PC at work, I'm on one at home. I can do far greater things with a PEECEE than I could ever do with a DS. Now if I were on the bus for 4 hours a day, I could maybe justify getting a DS to sketch with. Losing sight of my goal, to save for a laptop or MacBook Pro, would have been out of my reach and in the end I would have an old gaming console which would be out dated by the time I finish this blourp. Thank you Davi.

Moral of the story: listen to your friends... sometimes?
Here's a speedy. I have been working hard at the assignment Fellah gave me. It is so humbling to not know anything about art, composition, etc. I just now know that I know how to copy good. Learning is humbling and exciting at the same time.

Be blessed.

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Jason Plett said...

Keep saving for the MAC!