I hate it when a day is so unproductive that by the end of the day you feel as if you did nothing. Sorry for being so pessimistic, but optimism isn't in sight for me right now. Though at the moment I am feeling the urge to create which in fact is getting me excited.

This is how I would love my photography to be like. Goals are great, and inspiring.

Yesterday was so productive (in my art), that I believe it is making all other days look less enticing. Finished copy/studying (in 3 months) Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy from the first to last page. Now I will be starting Bridgman's The Human Machine. Whilst reading through the first chapter I can see already that this book is more instructional resources on how the body functions rather than a display of anatomy as in the former book mentioned. Hopefully these sketches will be uploaded or photographed for you to see in the near future.

Not knowing too much information on how metal reflects or where the highlights reside, I attempted at creating a mech from imagination. Quite fun, actually and I hope to do a series.


Someone requested what my home PC base looked like and for your viewing pleasures here it is. A humble establishment, although not as organized as I'd wish it to be.

My second office is located in a Real Estate office. This clock gives everyone a hard time on figuring out the time. I took photos for my reference library. And this chair is quite lovely to look at as well.

Sunrises and sunsets inspire me so much. The clouds here are the only thing that give them texture. In the first image with the cars, I had my Nikon D40 with me, but the battery died and I had to use my small Casio to capture what my eyes beheld.

Be blessed!


Chimera Crochet said...

Your post really made me think. The part where you mentioned what photography you liked and how it is good to have goals... it just struck me- what are my goals? Well I won't get in to a big discussion here in the comments section of your blog, but it made me wonder if I don't have concrete enough goals, and that is why I'm just kind of floating around with my projects.

Jynko said...

<3 the setup and everything else!

Jason Plett said...

WTF did you give up on this or what Matt. Anyway haven't heard from ya, next week we should have lunch.