Another day another dollar. Or how the old saying goes, "kill two stones with one bird." Er.

Today has been quite inspirational. The people at Conceptart IRC chat have totally wasted too many of my hours, but inspire me nonetheless. I have managed to finish a speedy and sketch a few things on breaks.

Dusso has inspired me for the umph time and I cannot wait to have the skills necessary to blow people's minds. And even MOAR inspiration came when I watched a 3 part movie from Bobby Chiu. His videos make me want to be an artist and to seek out other artists to be friends with me. Such a lovely dude and his voice isn't too bad either. ;)

This is a redesign of QUAKE 1 by the artist named Prom and I found on DI.FM that new stations have been added. I have been listening to the "Heavy" station which includes hard electronica beats making you move to the constant beat if you know it or not.

I am also on a new assignment by my mentor, Simon Fellah. This one will be quite fun and I cannot wait to finish it.

Now it is time for hard studying of all things art/painting/etc. As much as I can fit in a day. Sometimes at night when it is 1am and I'm painting, I feel that excitement building up in my soul so much I believe it explodes. If that means anything. Ha! Keep drawing, never give up, and always look forward to the next day!!

Be blessed.

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Jason Plett said...

Now those are sweet matt, send me a copy to post.