Old school gaming is the best! I cannot believe how many memories playing one game can bring back! It's like I'm reliving my teens all over again. Here's a story that almost made me go crazy:

Ok, I got hyped on an old game called Deus Ex (DX). I started up my super duper Special Edition at home. The last time I played this game was in 2001 and only got through the first mission (Unreal Tournament was released and it sucked the rest of my time, sad to say).

When recently playing through 3 of the levels (taking me at least 6 hours to complete because I checked out every detail), it was only the PREVIEW edition!! ARRRGGGGGGG!!!

On the DX high still, I had an OLD PC Gamer demo disc that included the Invisible War demo. I played that out for about an hour and really enjoyed the polished look and bug fixes. Although, I did notice that the voice acting was a tad turdish compared to the original DX.

I was so bummed I now have a full copy of the GOTY (Game of the Year) edition of DX and plan on taking a few nights off from Team Fortress 2 (hard to do) to play with this puppy.

I give props to PCG Podcast, PCG Fan Podcast, Vagabond, and Frost for subliminally and consciously creating a DX fan out of me after all these years. Thanks, I am throughly pleased. ;)

ALSO, I want to give some cred to some amazing games developed by the infamious Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw.
Both are free to download and worth your time if you like any games at all. You can also catch Yahtzee's weekly wednesday game reviews here. Be warned though, high levels of obscene remarks, quick talk and foul language are ever so present in all his video reviews.

OH and some art. :/

2nd traditional piece ever. This was done with acrylics.

I love doing fliers and hate distributing them. Ha ha.

I also logged this on Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDMMIIQVfsE

Be blessed!


Andreas M said...

seeing tons of inprovement in these!

Jason Plett said...

Looks good Matt!

jake gumbleton said...

hey mattchew! just thought i wiuld say hello, i have not been here before now! i am off for a browse!