Matt Busch is insanely funny and an awesome artists. His videos made my day today. :) Also Julien's blog always is so informative and exciting to visit. Leave him a comment, he will reply. I'm sure of it.

Today I have been sketching in JP1 at my Saturday job. It is quite relaxing here and everyone is so nice! Real estate offices are a blast.

Worked on two little self portraits. One for the yearly Conceptart.org/forums November 1st Self Portrait day. Quite fun to picturesque myself as a vampire, when in fact it is me after my wisdom teeth were pulled. I'm glad that is a once in a lifetime thing.

One strange note, when you get spacers in your mouth (dentist put them in to space your teeth out in preparation for braces), you get very weird sex nightmares. I'm glad these things are coming out in a few weeks. I don't like large women in my room trying to do unthinkable things to me! It's scary! Be blessed. <3

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Anonymous said...

did she appeard in your dreams ?


if not is was no nightmare
i mean i got love for lovehandles
but this is too much