Learning is so exciting these days. I have learned more in the past month than I have all year and plan on learning even more after the year is out. I do not know why I have been putting off this thing called art for the whole summer. It could have been because of a relationship, work, etc., but when it all comes down to it, I have been cheating myself out of my art. Working at it more and more keeps me alive and excited for the next day.

When you are down and think your art is suck. Keep up those figure and painting studies. You will not regret it and soon be addicted (as I finally succumbed to).

Recently I acquired two shots, a tetanus and varicella vaccine. I hope they do not take me away from my art or work out sessions. That would horrible, though even more horrible would be to have a varicella-zoster virus. We will see the after effects by tomorrow. My arms are a little tingly now.

These pages are from my moleskin. I try to study various master artists (i.e. Frank Frazetta, John Singer Sargent, etc.) from time to time and occasionally fail miserably. I found a Sargent book that I am eating up at the library the other day. It is a prized jewel in my 3 weeks of possession.

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