It has been over a month since I have last posted. Well January was a really nice month to learn about how much I have learned from 2006. I can grasp things so much better without the pressures of school on my back.

This image [left] is one of the many speedpainting I will be on a daily bases. I can do the greyscale ones in under 30 minutes, though the color take from 45 to an 60 minutes. I am learning much through each one I do!

This is a pencil of my friend from the Netherlands. It is a gift for her on Valentines day.

I had a grand time sketching it with many different pencils [HB, 6B, etc] and plan on using them more often than my plain mechanical pencil.

Also, I would have rather sketched her live than from a photograph. Maybe in the May [when she comes to visit] I will be able to. We'll see.

In the mean time, at work I dream of drawing and actually read up on many of the forums on techniques to draw. Actually, what it all comes down to is that I get so pumped up on inspiration at work [looking at amazing artist's work] that I get home and draw purely from this excitement.

The other day I spent 5-6 hours with friends doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I felt I was cheating my art, though I did need a little relaxation. Still, I hate it when I do things like that and waste perfect hours that I could be sketching or learning how to paint.

What I like to induce on everyone I meet [artist or not] is that you should find a hobby like drawing or something to spend your time in. Otherwise you are a lifeless nobody that does nothing in your 80+ years on earth. At least do something, encourage someone, or do something worth wild with your life. Draw, draw, draw! ;]


Mike Dutton said...

Hi Matt, I can relate to a couple things you mentioned. First, the inspiration from other incredible artists that can fuel your own productivity, and second, looking back on wasted hours that could have been spent drawing. If you feel you need to, bring a tiny sketchbook to those do-nothing gatherings. I find some of the most enjoyable doodles happen when you're absentmindedly scribbling while just talking to friends, playing video games, having a drink, etc. At the same time, balance is good, and as good as it is to draw as much as possible, like you said, balance it out with other things, like relaxing.... or doing nothing!

Anonymous said...

you valentines day suck up